Lengua Extranjera / English


Being competent in a second language, in an age of globalization, has become essential. It is in this context that English plays a key role nowadays, because it is considered the universal language for sharing and expressing feelings, thoughts, ideas, needs, and desires.

Since the main purpose of learning a language is communication, based on the interaction among people, considering different contexts, our mission, as English Department, is to develop and cultivate, in our students, communication skills to gain not only knowledge but also the courage to face all the challenges in an ever changing world, and to engage successfully in local and international communities in the 21st century.


Coordinadora de Área: Lic. Nicole Tapia - María Pachacama  




 Lic. Fanny Muñoz

Lic. Patricia Sabay

1° E.G.B. “A, B, C, D”

1° E.G.B. “A, B, C, D”

Lic. Cecilia Vaca

2° E.G.B. “A, B, C”

3° E.G.B. “A”

Lic. Diana Carrillo


Lic. Nataly Pesantez

2° E.G.B "A,B,C"

3° E.G.B "A"

3° E.G.B "B,C"

4° E.G.B "A,B"

Lic. Agustín Costales


Lic. Ximena Santamaría

3° E.G.B. “B, C”

4° E.G.B "A,B"

4° E.G.B "C"

5° E.G.B "A,B,C"

Lic. Verónica Gallegos


Lic. Guido Vaca

4° E.G.B. “C”

5° E.G.B "A,B,C"

6° E.G.B "A,B,C"/ 7° E.G.B "A"

Lic. Carolina Herrera

Lic. Rosa Araujo

6° E.G.B. “A, B, C”/ E.G.B "A"

7° E.G.B "B,C"/ 8° E.G.B "A,B"

Lic. Marjorie Lechón

Lic. Wilfrido Zurita

7° E.G.B “B, C”/ 8° E.G.B "A,B"

8° E.G.B "C,D" / 9° E.G.B "B"

Lic. Karina Villafuerte


Lic. Eduardo Zurita


8° E.G.B. “C, D” 9° E.G.B "A,B"


9° E.G.B "C,D"/ 10° E.G.B "A,B"


Lic. Jenny Benítez


9° E.G.B. “C, D”

10° E.G.B. “A, B”

Lic. Cristian Imbacuán 


10° E.G.B. “C, D”

1° B.G.U. “A, B”

Lic. Cecilia Gudiño

10° E.G.B. “ C, D”

1° B.G.U. “A, B”

MSc. Azucena Castillo

1° B.G.U "C, D" 

2° B.G.U "A, B" 

Lic. Mariela Narváez

1° B.G.U "C, D" 

2° B.G.U "A, B" 

Ing. Susana Coloma 

2° BGU "C, D"

3° BGU "A, B" 

Lic. Gladys Becerra

2° B.G.U "C, D" 

3° B.G.U "A, B"  

Horario de Atención

  • Lunes - Viernes: 7h30 a 16h00
  • Colecturía:
    • Lunes - Viernes: 7h30 a 13h30

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